FINEZT is a sustainable womenswear brand based in The Bronx, New York founded in 2018. Reyes goal is to embrace and showcase women in every way possible from photoshoots, interviews, to the everyday life of a women. Reyes was always surrounded by women growing up from his mother to teachers to leaders at work. 

In our collections we use dead-stock fabric which is another way to be sustainable to the earth and all our packaging is 100% biodegradable. 

We recently started to implement Made-to-Order system to make sure we don't make too much of one item which is another way to be aware of fabric waste.

 The New York designer celebrates the everyday woman who aims to be independent and a successful woman. Inspired by his culture and everyday experiences living in The Bronx. Inspired by the culture of The Bronx, the self-taught designer’s approach to womenswear reflects the everyday woman who knows what she wants.